Founder's story

"My mission is to innovate the hair care space like coffee scrub did for skincare. I want tea to become normalized as an essential step in any hair care routine to achieving healthier, softer, silkier hair."

Meet the Founder

Before founding Silk&Tea, I struggled with my scalp and hair for years. I loved natural wellness and experimenting with DIY beauty, but when it came to hair care, I couldn't find anything that was sustainable, easy, or comfortable to apply with real and lasting results. 

With hours of research to find a better solution, I discovered that tea has incredible benefits for the scalp and hair. With lots of trial and error using different blends of teas and herbs, I noticed a significant improvement in my overall scalp and hair health. I couldn't find anything on the market that offered tea in an easy-to-use and systemized way. Thus, I decided to develop the first line of tea-based hair care.

My mission with Silk&Tea is to normalize tea for hair that is not only is convenient and accessible to use, but provides long-term, effective, and natural nourishment. My goal is to bring the holistic and beauty world together while innovating the hair care space.

- Shannah, founder & CEO.