Tea for Hair? Here's The Secret To A Better Hair Care Routine.

Tea for your hair? Yes. You read that right. 

Tea has been mostly known for its health and wellness benefits in the beverage world and is known to be packed with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and more. We all know that tea can help us feel calm, energized, or get detoxifying benefits by choosing the right blend of tea. But when it comes to hair care, did you know tea has some equally or even more beneficial properties for the scalp and hair? Let’s dive deeper how tea can start becoming essential in your hair care routine:

In comes in tea-based hair care

Silk&Tea is taking a new approach to hair care and is doing what coffee scrub did for hair care - we’re using tea as the newest way to boost your scalp and hair care derived from some of the most powerful herbs that can support growth, scalp restoration, hair hydration, and much more.

A modern approach to ancient rituals

Bathing in unique herbs and plants was frequently practiced by royalty in ancient times to help with their skin and hair. Additionally, Ayurvedic medicine and wellness also incorporates many herbs to create some of the most effective and clean beauty products available.

The same needed to be done for hair care in a simplified, convenient, and effective way.

The benefits of tea rinsing 

To cover some of the basics, here’s what you’ll want to know about the benefits of adding a tea rinse into your hair care routine:

FRIZZ CONTROL: That's right - you can actually help reduce frizz even if you don't put loads of oil in your hair! The frizz can be prevented and controlled with the help of some super hydrating and moisture-boosting ingredients such as Comfrey Leaf and Rosehips. These vitamins-rich ingredients are both excellent for maintaining and protecting the hair's natural moisture barrier along with infusing the hair with Vitamin C and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential to stronger, more defined and revitalized hair.

LESS BREAKAGE: Breakage, dryness, and brittle feeling hair is tough to fix. But with tea, you can actually help restore and repair those broken and damaged hair strands thanks to the Silk&Tea’s super hydrating and restorative properties. When infused, the Rinse's liquid actually penetrates right into the strand surface to do its magic! Nettle, Moringa, Calendula and Parsley have essential amino acids that work to help build up those weak and broken hair strands. When those super powerful ingredients are extracted into water to create this nutritious infusion, your hair will it drink right up. Depending on the level of breakage and dryness you're experiencing, you can start feeling the difference even just after a few applications!

HAIR GROWTH: Want to guess the hair hack to support healthy hair growth? You got it. TEA is KEY when it comes to supporting hair growth and helping prevent hair fall. There are so many incredible and powerful herbs that help stimulate the hair follicles while at the same time, blocking the DHT hormone that causes hair loss or hair fall. There are some key players when it comes to plants and herbs to support hair growth and prevent hair fall. And luckily, Silk&Tea has included many of them in their special Hair Tea Rinses.

The key ingredients that help support hair growth include: Nettle, Moringa, Dandelion Root, Fenugreek, Parsley, White Oak Bark, and more! What makes these powerful herbs perfect for aiding in hair growth? Many of them contain high amounts of iron, silica, and Vitamin B12, all of which supporting strengthening and stimulating the hair follicles. At the same time, these herbs have antioxidants that repair the follicles, creating an ideal environment for new hair to grow while helping block the DHT hormone that contributes to excessive hair fall. So don't be surprised if your hair starts becoming longer, fuller, and more lustrous (but we're not complaining!!)

LESS OIL: One of the most unique features of a Tea Rinse is its astringent properties that helps break down bacteria and buildup mostly caused by sweat, dead skill cells and leftover product. This can be done without any harsh scrubbing or exfoliating. For those with oily hair, this is key in order to help control oil overproduction - ie. super greasy hair! With Silk&Tea, its Herbal Hair Tea Rinses contain antibacterial and anti-fungal propertiesthat help prevent and break down this buildup and bacteria that may be contributing to oil overproduction on the scalp. This contributes to creating an optimal environment on the scalp, which then helps healthy hair grow and flourish!

SOFTNESS & SHINE: There's one thing that occurs with Silk&Tea's Hair Tea Rinses, and that's getting tons of natural softness and shine. Once the scalp and hair are fed these incredible, nutritious Rinses, it can help the hair achieve natural softness and shine, even WITHOUT aftercare products! That's because of its ingredients like Hops and Marshmallow root that contain Vitamin B and unique proteins that help tighten the hair cuticles, enriching the hair to feel and look shinier, softer and silkier. It's incredible that an oil-free solution can support natural shininess by actually helping repair and restore the hair strands themselves for long term hair health.

Now it’s time for you to consider - are you ready to level up your hair care routine? With our Herbal Hair Tea Rinses, Silk&Tea is going to be your light in shining armour when it comes to offering some innovative solutions in the hair space. You can mask up, oil up, or mousse up your hair too! There’s no need to throw out the products you already love. Our Rinses were designed to compliment what you already have going on, and give your hair the nutrient boost it needs without the residue or cumbersome advanced planning. With only 15 minutes, you can replenish your hair with all the nutrients it needs to become healthier, stronger and silkier with long term results!