Regaining Control Of Your Oily Scalp: Here's what you need to know.

Struggling to keep your hair from looking oily and not washing it can be one of the most troubling situations for those who struggle with uncontrollably greasy hair and excess sebum. Even going only one day without washing it, many of those who struggle with greasy hair and excess sebum understand how frustrating it can be when their hair looks wet and limp, while also trying to avoid overwashing it. We all know that overwashing can lead to increased breakage and stripping the hair of natural healthy hair oils. So the question is, what is really the remedy for anyone who has greasy hair and doesn’t want to wash their hair every single day?! 

There are 3 fixes to help get rid of oily hair. However, it’s up to you to find the solution that works by trying and testing these fixes, and deciding what your hair goals are. Do you want to wash your hair less? Do you want natural solutions? Read below and decide for yourself!


Dry Shampoo has become a common bathroom staple for those who struggle with oily hair. Its easy, quick-fix method only requires a few spritzes or shakes of some powder on the scalp, a little rubbing in, and voila! Looks as good as if you just took a shower - right?! 

While as much dry shampoos are a great solution getting rid of immediate grease for a few hours or a day - at maximum, the aftereffects of dry shampoo could make you think twice. There are different types of dry shampoo to use, such as natural remedies such like cornstarch and natural brands, or there are sprays that may contain some unwanted parabens and toxic ingredients. However, the common result for using dry shampoo and leaving it there to mask the greasiness is can lead to weakening and clogging the scalp follicles, hair loss by stunting hair growth, and significantly increasing buildup on the scalp that runs us into a cycle of requiring more hair products. When it comes to dry shampoo, its important to know your frequency and quality of products, as well as the aftereffects of what might not be helpful to your overall scalp and hair health.


There are many shampoos now available that are formulated for those struggling with greasy hair. The options are quite endless when it comes to shampoo for oily hair. The key question here is - what about lessening the frequency of washing your hair?! And aren’t people with oily hair supposed to train it to be washed less?! This is the troubling decision that people with greasy hair have to deal with. There is a vast amount of options for shampoos that include key ingredients such as tar and salicylic acids that help reduce the production of oiliness and bacteria. However, the benefits of these ingredients are extremely limited when it comes to the overall benefits for achieving a healthier scalp and hair. Even with high quality shampoos designed for oily hair, it does not offer solutions that help those with greasy hair go longer between wash days.


The third and the least known method to helping those regain control over their uncontrollably greasy hair is to take preventative measures with ingredients with added benefits for overall scalp and hair health that also help balance and control excess sebum production. In comes the Herbal Hair Rinse, containing a plethora scalp and hair benefitting properties that helps disinfect, prevent bacterial growth, and lessen oil production, all while adding in extra benefits to the scalp and hair with improving healthy scalp and hair follicles, stimulating hair growth, improving hair texture and conditioning the hair strands. The secret step that most hair brands don't want you to know is that prevention is key when it comes to oily hair. But prevention with the right ingredients is the answer to successfully regaining control over your oily scalp problems while also maintaining good hair health!

In comes the beloved Hair Rinse - which is formulated to help you reap the most benefits for both your scalp and hair health! Depending on the combination of ingredients, you can achieve a healthy scalp and hair while also reducing hair greasiness! 

While not to be solely depended on for keep your hair healthy and clean (shampooing your hair still has its benefits), adding in an Herbal Hair Rinse is what can help break down bacteria, prevent build up, prevent excess oil production, stimulate hair growth, while also strengthening the hair strands and scalp.

It comes to having key ingredients that add antiseptic and antibacterial benefits to the scalp to prevent this oil overproduction while maintaining excellent hair health.

Our Detox & Decongest Hair Rinse is made with antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients that help prevent bacteria buildup, contains antiseptic and antimicrobial ingredients that all contribute to helping control excess sebum. Our key ingredients include Oatstraw, Eucalyptus Leaf, Comfrey Leaf, Lemongrass, Parsley, Rosehips and more. These ingredients particularly act as natural astringents that help break down oil and build up - key causes of greasy hair. Combined with ingredients that help maintain the hair and scalp’s natural moisture barrier, and improve hair texture and elasticity, it's a winning combination and option for those who need options aside from shampoo or dry shampoo. When you incorporate it into your hair care routine, and apply it after shampooing, you may find that you can extend between wash days by 2-3 days! It helps train your hair to produce less oils, adds in extra special benefits of scalp and hair benefitting properties, and provides the solution you’ve been looking for to resolve the greasy hair struggle!